Before The Shit Hits The Fan - Mixtape

by Gimson

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"Before The Shit Hits The Fan" volume 1 isn't just the debut solo mixtape from Gimson. It's also his debut release on Crudely Cut Records. The mixtape is just a collection of tracks that have built up on his hard drive over the last year or so which he's decided to compile and share prior to the release of his Ded Tebiase produced EP entitled 'Untitled EP'.

The heavily featured mixtape is hosted by Marques and features artists such as Laura Doggett, Keziah, Rosko, Twisted RootZ, Dane Gumas, Hibbz, Noodlez, H4R, RapStar Harts, Benji Clements, Hannah Collins, Jamie Taylor, Taran Stormes-Martino & Lowdose.


released December 25, 2014

Tracks 1, 10, 15 & 17 produced by Twisted RootZ
Tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 16 & 19 produced by Gimson
Tracks 3, 5, 8 & 9 produced by Ded Tebiase
Track 11 produced by C Double
Track 12 produced by BigLikeBaz
Track 13 produced by Rosko
Track 14 produced by SPV7KS
Track 18 produced by Gimson & Twisted RootZ

All tracks mixed and mastered by Gimson except:
Track 7 mixed by David Carlyon
Track 11 mixed by C Double
Track 14 mixed by SPV7KS
Track 17 mixed by Twisted RootZ

Catalogue: CC111


all rights reserved



Gimson UK

Gimson (pronounced Gym-Sun) is a Hip hop artist with a thick and distinctive West Country accent. The socially awkward 6 foot 4 inch rapper from Bath is a crude poet with a depth of imagination that is dark, cold and hard hitting. His raps are a social commentary consisting of heart breaking tales, dark humour and picturesque imagery. ... more

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Track Name: Life Is A Game (prod. Twisted RootZ)
Verse 1:
What's the point in me writing if I've got nothing to say
What's the point in trying to move with obstacles in my way
What's the point what's the point these excuses are feeble
Persistence of a smack head like he will see that needle
Persistence of a coke whore she'll fuck her way to the top
Like a man of faith humble collect thoughts in a mosque
1st sight tunnel, sight my secondary view points
Connected to something greater through an organic news point
Read that news study lies clock the language in their bodies
Hear the tone in their voice were they educated properly
The national curriculum is something I'm not speaking of
If you know then you know no hype tone speaking soft
Take out the loudest silently I must add
Cut out the waffling like a girl or a fag
Play the game that's all this really is
You've been here before and you'll be back within a jiff

Verse 2:
Bag of dust bag of laughs bag of goodies and cash
Leaders and bosses the prior don't bully their staff
No way through then I'm carving a path
Some of these guys are pushing 30 and can barely wipe their own ass
Lack of motivation so ignorantly thick
A wasteman in circle gets thrown out if it quick
Traits of my grandma I don't worry about shit
Don't like fuss over me let me get on with it
I like pissing in the wind or pissing on a wall
The challenge is not get urine on your ankles
Tribal antic rappers all wanna rep a post code
I could never understand why they wouldn't rep the globe though
Opinionated historians warring on a keyboard
You're entitled to opinions but why you trying to tell me for
Self inflicted sufferers put their minds through this pain
Take a step back buddy cuz this only is a game
Track Name: Phoenix [Remix] feat. Laura Doggett (prod. Gimson)
Whether one can discipline desire
Whether one can curb it
Is a deeper question all together which is what do you desire?
What makes you itch?
What sort of a situation would you like?

Dangers calling and my soul is on fire
I stripped reality down completely stripped her attire
I try and question myself what I really desire
Distracted by cars that sit on low profile tyres
Distracted by the gold and designer labels
Distracted by the TV and what they stream through their cables
Distracted by these myths and these urban fables
No third eye sight so I'm registered disabled
I breeze through the busy streets staring through a tunnel
Trying to siphon knowledge through a never ending funnel
Soulless, psychopath, narcissist, greedy
Jealousy's a trait that I really wish would leave me
I wish women wouldn’t tease me
Got a good girl at home why the fuck am I so sleazy
I consume and consume but it really doesn’t please me
A false sense of happiness is solely what it leaves me

And I burn
I burn
Until you can see my ghost
Oooh, from the ashes grow
Dark sun lights a silhouette
Cradling the flame until the fire beds
Phoenix gonna rise from the ash again
A Phoenix gonna rise from the ash again

Petrified of committing I got scarred when I was smitten.
Cuz my first heart break made this emotionless villain.
Psychopathic traits some say that I'm a narcissist.
I do have a heart I’m just reluctant to part with it.
First cut is the deepest fed shit did I eat it?
Yes but cut her back now she's internally bleeding.
And we can all play blame game
Point fingers tell tales and maliciously name names
I’m trying to find a sense of self not watch somebody else
Cuz if I desire your life I’ll destroy my own health
Me is the only person that I can be
But if I can’t understand myself you'll understand me
Drunk words sober thoughts all part of my ramblings
Materials and consciousness the borders are mangling
So as I battle with my soul throughout life until times spent
The phoenix from this ash should hopefully rise then

And I burn
I burn
Until you can see my ghost
Oooh, from the ashes grow
Dark sun lights a silhouette
Cradling the flame until the fire beds
Phoenix gonna rise from the ash again
A Phoenix gonna rise from the ash again

Phoenix gonna rise from the ash again
Phoenix gonna rise from the ash again
Phoenix gonna rise from the ash again
Phoenix gonna rise from the ash again
Track Name: Oh Daddy [Remix] (prod. C Double)
"Where the fucks my dinner bitch?"
He shouts out from the table
She drops the plates on the floor and screams where she's so emotionally unstable.
He looks at Jimmy, eyes red like a crazed bull.
But Jimmy knows that if he cries he'll get the belt across his backside.
So Jimmy doesn't cry anymore In fact Jimmy's like a vegetable.
He's scared to even speak cuz his dad's a fucking mental tool.
"Suzanne, did you drop my fucking dinner?"
Petrified she believes one day he's actually gonna kill her.
And whenever Suzanne leaves the house she's always covered in these bruises.
And when confronted by her friends she always made up these excuses.
Past tense because Suzanne hasn't seen a friend in months.
She's been housebound beaten and fucking treated like a cunt.
An inanimate sex object manhandled daily by her soul mate.
And the fucked up thing is deep down she still believes this man is so great.
And you can go and call it what the fuck you want to call it.
But daddy's an alcoholic and he just don't know how to stop it.

For the second time this week Jimmy gets sent home for being violent
Mrs Baker called the house phone so now dad has been enlightened
Of course Jimmy's feeling frightened dad is gonna smash him right in
Thoughts in his head like he's probably gonna have pull a shank and knife him.
There he goes, daddy's fucking drunk again
And Jimmy tries to run past him but daddy started thumping him
And those screams that Jimmy screamed you could've heard from like a mile away
And he wishes he could fly away he doesn't want to die today
Mum comes through the front door horrified by these tortured screams
And tries to fight dad off for the first time to protect her seed.
She was willing to die for Jimmy as they fought all through the kitchen
But when then one fatal blow caught her head it left her cold body twitching
And Jimmy had to testify and he's only fucking 10.
His mum is fucking dead and now his dad is off to pen.
What a sad story but wait that ain't the end.
Cuz if you see Jimmy now, he's just as bad as him.