Untitled - EP

by Gimson

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    6 tracks of that golden era sounding hip hop produced by Ded Tebiase laced with Gimson's vocals and features from Notorious, Lowdose, Blak Twang and Twizzy.

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Untitled - A straight lo-fi Boom Bap EP produced by Bristols Ded Tebiase and laced with my thick and distinctive British West Country accent. It's an album filled with deep rhymes whether personal or observational touching an array of subjects such as human interactions, dwindling relations, societal issues, mental health, politics, money and materialism. All that depressing shit that enables music to connect with you on a more personal level.


released April 15, 2016

Catalogue: GIM0004

Performed by Gimson
Lyrics written by S.Gimson
Produced by Ded Tebiase
Recorded by Gimson at The K-Hole
Mixed by Gimson at The Orchard
Mastered by Pete Maher at Top Floor Music
© Gimson 2016 / Crudely Cut Records 2016
℗ CD Baby Publishing 2016
ISRC: UK-ES9-16-00003

Too Deep Too Quick feat. Notorious
Performed by Gimson and Notorious
Lyrics written by S.Gimson and
Produced by Ded Tebiase
Recorded by Gimson at The K Lounge
Mixed by Gimson at The Orchard
Mastered by Pete Maher at Top Floor Music
© Gimson 2016 / Crudely Cut Records 2016
℗ CD Baby Publishing 2016
ISRC: UK-ES9-16-00004

Understand Me feat. Lowdose
Performed by Gimson and Lowdose
Lyrics written by S.Gimson and M.Jenkins
Produced by Ded Tebiase
Recorded by Gimson at The K-Hole
Mixed by Gimson at The Orchard
Mastered by Pete Maher at Top Floor Music
© Gimson 2016 / Crudely Cut Records 2016
℗ CD Baby Publishing 2016
ISRC: UK-ES9-16-00005

Weekend Millionaire
Performed by Gimson
Lyrics written by S.Gimson
Produced by Ded Tebiase
Recorded by Gimson at The K-Hole
Mixed by Gimson at The Orchard
Mastered by Pete Maher at Top Floor Music
© Gimson 2016 / Crudely Cut Records 2016
℗ CD Baby Publishing 2016
ISRC: UK-ES9-16-00006

Fuck Gash
Performed by Gimson
Lyrics written by S.Gimson
Produced by Ded Tebiase
Recorded by Gimson at The K-Hole
Mixed by Gimson at The Orchard
Mastered by Pete Maher at Top Floor Music
© Gimson 2016 / Crudely Cut Records 2016
℗ CD Baby Publishing 2016
ISRC: UK-ES9-16-00007

Reality 2.0 feat. Blak Twang and Twizzy
Performed by Gimson, Blak Twang and Twizzy
Lyrics written by S.Gimson,
Produced by Ded Tebiase
Recorded by various
Mixed by Gimson at The Orchard
Mastered by Pete Maher at Top Floor Music
© Gimson 2016 / Crudely Cut Records 2016
℗ CD Baby Publishing 2016
ISRC: UK-ES9-16-00008


all rights reserved



Gimson UK

Gimson (pronounced Gym-Sun) is a Hip hop artist with a thick and distinctive West Country accent. The socially awkward 6 foot 4 inch rapper from Bath is a crude poet with a depth of imagination that is dark, cold and hard hitting. His raps are a social commentary consisting of heart breaking tales, dark humour and picturesque imagery. ... more

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Track Name: Dreamscape
The cavalry is strong ladies fall for dark horses
She calls me black beauty emotions tainted and morbid
Past relationships sordid love comes at a cost and I could never afford it
Love don’t live here, all the windows are boarded
Wifi love disconnected cordless
Cold glare like autism, her hearts in my prison
Cus she kept on giving until she just give in
We’re distant like realms and dark matter between them
And since she fixed these wings I don’t look beneath them
Cus the deeper you look the more confusing the meaning
But if you don’t look you won’t get if you ask I won’t tell you
Effortlessly I see her slowly distrust me
My ears burn when I’m alone I can hear her discuss me
Lost in frequencies I cruise to Tebiase’s beat tapes
Trying to sum these thoughts up but I’m trapped in a dreamscape

Check my feature verse I did on a track called super best friends
Come back like that's why he's a paranoid mess then
Waking up on a regular from vivid dark dreams
Trust issues insecurities are tearing at the seems
Like drip drip drip there's a hole up in the canopy
And the bigger that it gets the more it's gnawing at my sanity
Humans have no wings but we've defied the laws of gravity
Metal birds in the sky that are used so casually
I'm so fucking distant over active thinker
Weed sends me crazy that's why I'm such a drinker
Surpress my thoughts I can't handle reality
No third eye just a first eye it sees things that baffle me
Feed off my aura my face is unreadable
Not really one for talking as my thoughts are unspeakable
So as I wrestle with my conscieness to try find a peace state
My overactive mind keeps me trapped in a dreamscape
Track Name: Too Deep Too Quick feat. Notorious
She was about 5 foot 5 had these piercing blue eyes
Raised hairs on my skin like her touch was electrified
Butterfly feelings, feelings that I'm not used too
She opened me up with her spells and her voodoo
She got me so open, in way too deep
On my mind when I rise and last thing before I sleep
We would lay awake for hours going on a deep one
Thoughts of raw emotion like could she could be the one
Discussed our backgrounds and hardships in youth
And acted borderline they make me sick or they are cute
But recently she'd come out of a serious relationship
The way things were moving well they were just way too quick
I was becoming dependant she was like this new drug to me
But she needed time and she couldn't fall in love with me
She needed some space she wasn't over her ex yet
But I needed her and this space left me restless

I can't concentrate I had a glimpse of something special
And Autumn came early I ripped off my last petal
She loves me not but what do I do next?
I'm acting irrational and sending drunken texts
Stressed at times like I'm losing all patience
I should move on but what if is what I'm saying
I meet other women to fill that space she left with
No emotional attachment just something to have sex with
I want her touch back them piercing blue eyes
Getting jealous in my mind that someone else has got her time
I feel so open defenceless and weak
Guess I just pushed my luck it was too quick to get deep
Perfect couple shit timing now I'll never know
I let my wounds heal but I'll never let my scars show
It's all good saying next time I'll be cautious
But you can't when you get caught up in emotional rawness
Track Name: Understand Me feat. Lowdose
You can never blame music for social decline
Social decline influences what we put in our rhymes
It's not a debate about the story of the chicken or the egg
It's about our society, the corruption and the debt
They blame Nicki Minaj for turning girls into sluts
They blamed Marilyn manson cuz a school got shot up
It's not Eminems fault that these kids are on drugs
What went through David Camerons mind when he tried giving hoodies hugs
Form 696 obliterate the grime raves
They publicise in tabloids that grime increases crime waves
Let's analyse the reason grimes so violent in the first place
Grime never made that poor yout go and snatch your Mrs purse
That was lack of education, cuts on school funding
You actually believe these poor youts don't want to be something
Look up to drug dealers a big man who runs tings
Ice on his wrist in a nice whip stunting
All we see on the news is war and these countries look like hell
And gang wars are that just on a slightly smaller scale
When a gang reps a post code and brings beef to your soil
It's the same as an invasion to rape a country of its oil
Brainwashed inadvertently of the states wrong doings
Local spots or countries all beefing till its ruined
So when you see an aggy yout getting angry on a mic
Know there is a reason behind why he is what he's like
He's expressing his oppression of a society that's left him
He puts his soul in his music he's releasing his aggression
We lack guidance we are lied to by our governments
We crave instant beauty from these unrealistic supplements
We're made to feel ugly from these beauty mags we read
Our gods are now celebrities that dominate our news feeds
From when we idolise something more than our own self
There's probably nothing more deadly to the human races health

Take away our clothes
Take away our jewellery
Take away our gadgets
And ask ourselves who are we
Create a blank canvas
Believe what you can be
If you cant understand yourself
Then you'll never understand me
Track Name: Weekend Millionaire
And its monthly pay day
I'm feeling like young James Belfort in his hay day
And though I usually criticise shopping in J A
Well let's just say that the bank balance is looking OK mate
And I got 3 days off
That's 3 overpriced outfits to make a girls face drop
And not only that I wanna see a girls waist drop
Up and down like Pams titties in Baywatch
Superficial well yes I know
But I gotta fat stack of cash that I'm willing to blow
I mean I can't take it with me so fuck a rainy day
I might not be here tomorrow so today were gonna play
Pump my body full of toxins create a new reality
In 3 days blow 90% of a whole month's salary
Call me irresponsible but it's my life I'm living here
I'm a weekend millionaire

I dig deep in my wallet like a Queens Head quarrier
Living for the weekend I'm a weekend warrior
They wonder why people get out of their mind
Cuz they struggle all week sweat graft and grind
So they like to escape we all want to feel important
So we get dressed up and intoxicate our organs
Can you blame us as we watch outlandish celebrities
And from our view point we'll never have there equity
So people see them as modern day gods
As they slave all week in there mundane jobs
So that's why at weekends they like to get out of their minds
They want to hide from the fact they live on the breadline
So before you judge a culture that's obsessed with the weekend
Realise these people are oppressed and they're escaping from their demons
So call us irresponsible it's our life that were living here
We are the weekend millionaires
Track Name: Fuck Gash
Globe trotting jet setter wreckless with my cash flow
Materialism got me obtaining bare gash though
And yeah the word gash might be seen as disrespectful
But these chicks won't even look unless your car guzzles petrol
They only care about status shallower than desert rain
Brainwashed addicted to what they wish to obtain
But a wish is just a wish and a dream is just a dream
Westernised to fuck this lifestyles not clean
It's almost like we're transhuman psychos with no empathy
Monopoly lifestyle left us bankrupt and empty
Lifestyle lifestyle what the fucks a lifestyle
Do you have to have style to live your fucking life huh
Fuck your fine cuisines it ain't shit on nans cooked food
But these westernised bitches don't know how to cook good food
Whip out plastic in restaurants taste is expensive
And I'm just as guilty as them I'm addicted not tempted

There I go again spouting off some ignorance
Even if it was blind it wouldn't make it anymore innocent
An illiterate litter bug consuming what the fuck I like
5 nights in Vegas like fuck yes I'm living life
Barbie & Ken money steroids and fake tans.
White iPhones fucking nicki and drake fans.
Fake little cunts like discombobulated figurines.
Teeth all bleached white like they're only drinking listerine.
Think this do that drink this have that.
Still trying to get to grips with a fucking hash tag.
Networking socially sipping caramel mocha tea
Or whatever the fuck it is that these yuppy folk like to drink
Watching utopia thinking about the population
Saps in there living hooked on playstation
But then who am I to judge as I sit up on my high horse
And when I say high horse I mean he's fucked out his mind of course

Ashes to ashes smoke in my eyes
In my ears there are lies but they're only ever whispers
Lie spots tongues yeah they burn like blisters
In a world full of figurines all lacking charisma
Plastic fake fucks with too much make up
Been lost for too long now it's time to wake up
Track Name: Reality 2.0 feat. Blak Twang and Twizzy
Reality bites like a venomous snake
The effects of the paralysis has left us in a committal state
So many get left brain dead overdosed on fate
Like zombies planted by sex lies and video tapes
The media make up stories sensationalised
Government cover up scandals telling nations their lies
I'm the last real nigga alive I survived
Cuz I never subscribed to these pagans lies
Can you handle the truth whether bitter or sweet
Everything ain't what it seems so believe half of what you see
The truth is in the government's name Con-Dem
They got sworn in my con men and left as condemned
Cleg and Cameron can hide but can't run
And I won't stop burning wild fire on your Kingdom
Rebel mc here to start the rebellion
Sell outs can get the hell out I ain't buying what you're selling them

Reality check 1 2 what is this
Tv got you acting all retarded like dimwits
Barbaric religions, old age superstitions
Witch trials, modern victims, society we live in
Fake democracy and were trapped in the system
The papers & the news got you hating on islam
Fast food chains got the country diabetic
Girls don't feel photogenic so they become an anorexic
People camping out to get the latest Apple products
Advertising companies got the fucking world by its bollocks
Don't try tell me there's no need for fucking swearing
When half these mindless cunts are fucking way beyond caring
Social commentator logging my observations
Watching unjust wars sanctioned by United Nations
Bankers misbehaving and gambling your savings
Repossess your house then your out on the pavement