Drifter feat. Twisted RootZ

from by Gimson



The negative side of drug abuse.


Verse 1:
Only love my girlfriend when I'm on a fucking come down
But when I'm on these uppers I give these other girls the run around
Mother keeps on calling, I've been screening her weeks
Hanging out in kitchens but forgetting to eat
She calls me a crack head, I try argue cokes different
But the fact is you smoke one, the other ones for sniffing
I've never been a crack head, I wish my cousin would fix up
But every time he says he's clean he's picking another fix up
And white ain't what his problem is, it's not the rocky road
Na he swims in the deep where the brown river flows
Days on a binge no wash or clean clothes
I'm off to the bathroom to powder my nose
I come back out and chat the ears off dumbo
Convinced I'm in love with this air headed dumb hoe
We share some smarties, we share our desires
No looking down now we just wanna go higher

See I've always been a drifter
Cuz I don't know which way to go
See I've always been a loner
Spend my days on my own

Verse 2:
Me and my girl split up, it's a recipe for disaster
Cus now when I leave there is no going home faster
It's on to the next rave, on to the next high
And all I am to her is some cunt who was her ex guy
She's linking some next guy and I can't lie it does hurt
But a cocktail of drugs, sex with sluts and the pains dispersed
But the come downs are worse
They always did say that these drugs don't work
Sobriety is hard, my anxiety is terrible
I pop a few diazepams so outside is bearable
I'm on a slippery slope this lifestyle made me a monster
Surrounded with bad company, no friends and imposters
I push everyone away, I once had a connection
Miserable, depressed, no signs of affection
Now I'm angry at the world
So I eat MDMA to feel love once more


Verse 3:
They say you can't buy love, I just bought mine in a blim bag
Euphoric state - if I share the bag am I an empath?
So we can say we love each other, next day were fucking strangers
Though wandering with strangers is extremely dangerous
I was told drugs are bad, drinking and smoking
Permanent damage to the count of my serotonin
Early grave, never shaved,
No friends, no legacy, no trace I existed
Mind alternating substances had my brain twisted
Some guy who was gifted, turned his back and he missed it
Lost love for himself the drugs made him restricted
The man you once knew got lost now he's empty
The death of a loner stays in nobodies memory
I said the death of a loner stays in nobodies memory


from Miserable Music - EP, released May 20, 2016
Performed by Gimson
Lyrics written by S.Gimson and A.Williams
Produced by Gimson
Co produced by Twisted RootZ
Recorded by Twisted RootZ at his Nan's house
Mixed by Gimson at The Orchard
Mastered by Pete Maher at Top Floor Music
© Gimson 2016 / Crudely Cut Records 2016
℗ CD Baby Publishing 2016


all rights reserved



Gimson UK

Gimson (pronounced Gym-Sun) is a Hip hop artist with a thick and distinctive West Country accent. The socially awkward 6 foot 4 inch rapper from Bath is a crude poet with a depth of imagination that is dark, cold and hard hitting. His raps are a social commentary consisting of heart breaking tales, dark humour and picturesque imagery. ... more

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