Life Is A Game (prod. Twisted RootZ)

from by Gimson



A Twisted RootZ produced hip hop track about life being a game.


Verse 1:
What's the point in me writing if I've got nothing to say
What's the point in trying to move with obstacles in my way
What's the point what's the point these excuses are feeble
Persistence of a smack head like he will see that needle
Persistence of a coke whore she'll fuck her way to the top
Like a man of faith humble collect thoughts in a mosque
1st sight tunnel, sight my secondary view points
Connected to something greater through an organic news point
Read that news study lies clock the language in their bodies
Hear the tone in their voice were they educated properly
The national curriculum is something I'm not speaking of
If you know then you know no hype tone speaking soft
Take out the loudest silently I must add
Cut out the waffling like a girl or a fag
Play the game that's all this really is
You've been here before and you'll be back within a jiff

Verse 2:
Bag of dust bag of laughs bag of goodies and cash
Leaders and bosses the prior don't bully their staff
No way through then I'm carving a path
Some of these guys are pushing 30 and can barely wipe their own ass
Lack of motivation so ignorantly thick
A wasteman in circle gets thrown out if it quick
Traits of my grandma I don't worry about shit
Don't like fuss over me let me get on with it
I like pissing in the wind or pissing on a wall
The challenge is not get urine on your ankles
Tribal antic rappers all wanna rep a post code
I could never understand why they wouldn't rep the globe though
Opinionated historians warring on a keyboard
You're entitled to opinions but why you trying to tell me for
Self inflicted sufferers put their minds through this pain
Take a step back buddy cuz this only is a game


from Before The Shit Hits The Fan - Mixtape, released December 25, 2014
Written by A.Watts, A.Williams, S.Gimson
Produced by Twisted RootZ
Mixed and Mastered by Gimson
© 2014 Crudely Cut Records


all rights reserved



Gimson UK

Gimson (pronounced Gym-Sun) is a Hip hop artist with a thick and distinctive West Country accent. The socially awkward 6 foot 4 inch rapper from Bath is a crude poet with a depth of imagination that is dark, cold and hard hitting. His raps are a social commentary consisting of heart breaking tales, dark humour and picturesque imagery. ... more

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