Mr Wendal

from by Gimson

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Mr Wendal he's still giving out knowledge
But you dismiss a man of that class as a homeless alcoholic
View the world as a profit, no not a prophet
A profit like as in the size of you wallet
Claim they’re uneducated when speaking of teenage mothers
Until boys chirped you daughter corrupted her and fucked her
Your own flesh you love her you were too quick to judge others
Your family flaws yet again they get swept undercover
Tell me whats the difference between Brenda and your daughter
They both abandoned children but your family could afford her
You say raised her right don’t understand why she’s like this
14 years young all getting fingered in the bike shed
M-kat, white lightning, so young and exciting
Don’t know the first thing about her which makes this thing frightening
Where did daddy’s little girl go?
She went down hill as you climbed your career
And mum lost control when you were never there
She started fucking other men from you chose not to care
Climbed the ladder of success left your family beneath you
Like fuck your big salary they want you, they need you
Don’t know the kind of food your own daughter likes
What kind of shit that she’s into your detached from her life
And pop - there goes the bubble you’ve been living in
Declare yourself bankrupt the divorce starts kicking in
Now Brenda and her baby don’t feel a million miles away
Your daughter stays the same just fucking her life away
You should’ve maybe took some of Mr Wendals knowledge
Cuz he was like you before he’d seen it all and lost it

BLAM BLAM BLAM fuck a man for a half a gram
They're running rings around you back flips and hand stands
Because you seen mummy in the bedroom with another chap
You now don't have a pussy see you now have a cat flap
Open all hours to all the ways and strays
Your house is like a doss house cuz daddy works away
Mummy's on the bottle so she doesn't have a say
You’d tell daddy about her cheating if she tries to anyway
They call her Jezebel friends call her sket behind her back
Fucking little slag whore you've put it out for half the flats
Reputation is disgusting pussy getting pumped in
Bare back is nothing you like getting cummed in
You can't spend your life blaming shit on family issues
Get some fucking self respect no one else is gonna fix you
Getting woked out by these wrong-un’s and letting them infect you
And that's why they called you bitch I bet you

See mummy's on the bottle
She tried to balance life lost her balance and she toppled
Daddy doesn't love her I never see him hug her
His attitude is fuck her he doesn't wanna fuck her
And whys it gotta be so sad
Family bridges burnt cracked paths
The kids come first but they feel they are last
It's been so long since we shared some laughs
And we don't wanna hurt no more
Play the blame game cuz we're insecure
And you just want to feel you're loved
We scream, we shout, we drink, we drug
We don't know love were lost like
I’m so frustrated
This fucking drink has got me faded

Head shot
Sit down
Stand up
Pass out
Wake up

Now mummy I can feel your pain
Stress builds up it rots your brain
Searching for these answers of who and what you’re gonna blame
Like life coils up around your neck and starts to throttle
But the answers can't be found in the bottom of that bottle
Like what about your daughter
Who is meat in an abattoir out there getting slaughtered
She sees that you are hopeless and daddy don't support her
So she shares your burden and she shares your torture
Pregnant by a dick head she can't do this alone
So put down that bottle and make this house a home
Put down that bottle, make this house home
I said put down that bottle and make this house a home

And we don't wanna hurt no more
Play the blame game cuz we're insecure
Imprisoned in these walls but there ain't no doors
And we all we wanna do is just find a cure
And you just want to feel you're loved
We scream we shout we drink we drug
We don't know love were lost like


from Waste of Air LP, released December 22, 2017
Performed by Gimson
Lyrics written by S.Gimson
Produced by Gimson
Guitar by Taran Stormes-Martino
Recorded by Twisted RootZ at his Nan's house
Mixed & mastered by Gimson at The Orchard
© Gimson 2017 / Crudely Cut Records 2017
℗ CD Baby Publishing 2017


all rights reserved



Gimson UK

Gimson (pronounced Gym-Sun) is a Hip hop artist with a thick and distinctive West Country accent. The socially awkward 6 foot 4 inch rapper from Bath is a crude poet with a depth of imagination that is dark, cold and hard hitting. His raps are a social commentary consisting of heart breaking tales, dark humour and picturesque imagery. ... more

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